Xenicus provides all of its services to both for profit and non-profit entities. However, small non-profits face even greater challenges than their for-profit counterparts. Often run by volunteers in the community or a board of directors, these folks frequently struggle to have enough time to do the day-to-day work it takes to run their organization. Xenicus has developed a very unique model to help manage non-profit organizations. Think of us as your hired gun!

Xenicus provides the administrative and support structure to perform the day-to-day work of the non-profit in an efficient way, by scaling the needs of many non-profits together in order to deliver reasonably priced services. We manage aspects of your organization such as:

  • Membership applications and renewals
  • Event Registration
  • Invoicing / Accounts Payable
  • Website Development & Management
  • Membership Communication
  • Fundraising support / Corporate Sponsorship

By taking away the administrative burden of running the organization, your board and community leaders can focus on the core mission of your organization. By the way, we are pretty good at helping non-profits generate higher funding and support to help fund new initiatives and operations. The leaders of non-profits have a deep level of devotion to their organizations and causes. We are good at running businesses, and we see this as our way of doing our part in the world. If our focus on the “business” of your organization frees you up to do more good in the world, well, that just makes us feel good too.

Here are some examples of the types of non-profits who could benefit from our services:

  • Professional associations
  • Community membership organizations
  • Religious organizations
  • Camps and other service based organizations

Lastly, don’t think that because you are small and thinly funded that you can’t afford us. We have a unique cost structure that usually (not always) can work for even small organizations. Furthermore, the impact of our efforts frequently increases funding and financial support from your constituents, and we more than pay for ourselves.

At Xenicus our experienced staff are equipped with the administrative skills and technical tools to grow your membership association and manage the day-to-day tasks of your organization.   Xenicus will help raise your organization to the next level by taking on administrative duties, relieving the burden on your Board of Directors and enabling them to focus on the core mission of your organization.

Why should my organization hire Xenicus?

  • Enables board members and volunteers to focus on core mission
  • Relieves administrative burden on volunteer staff and board
  • Improved long-term financial viability / high ROI
  • Enhanced services to increase value of membership
  • Growth in membership base
  • Improved membership communication and presence

Tailored services to fit nearly any type of membership organization:

  • Membership applications
  • Conference/Event planning
  • Accounting & bookkeeping
  • Regulatory & compliance filings
  • Website development & management
  • E-mailed newsletters
  • Printed communication
  • Online forums and webinars
  • Social media

Ideal for the a wide variety of non-profit membership organizations such as:

  • Medical Societies
  • Professional/Trade Associations
  • Community Membership Organizations
  • Education Associations
  • Foundations/Charities
  • and more!

Phone: 208-634-4116
Address: Xenicus, PO Box 2649, McCall, ID 83638
Email: [email protected]