The selection of your next EMR can be a decision with massive impact on the facility, leadership, employees, and most importantly, your patients. A hospital or clinic typically makes the decision to change their EMR vendor once or twice per decade. In some cases, leadership may only be a part of one or two conversions in an entire career. Having an expert in EMRs is an advantage few facilities can do without given the impact of the decision.

At Xenicus, we have helped multiple facilities with their selection process. We do this through a true Needs Assessment to determine the areas that are most important and will have the most positive impact on the facility. Each EMR has its own unique benefits and to match those benefits with the needs of the facility is a necessity. The following are a few of the things that we do to support the process:


  • EMR Needs Assessment
  • Facility Specific RFP/RFQ
  • Contracting Advisory Services
  • EMR Vendor Management
  • Demonstration Support/Review

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